Diego kolsky

Everything we touch is media

Not everything we do is marketing, but everything we touch is media.

My second lecture this semester was meant to open students’ eyes to the new challenges facing designers in a cross-platform world. My line was meant to intrigue, and help them think of themselves as agents for change in everything a business impacts. I followed with a more explicit definition:

Today’s challenge is creating, targeting and providing products, services, content and experiences across an ever growing mix of channels and media, looking to design and sustain inclusive relationships with a massive number of people.

A word-by-word dissection of the phrase was supported with examples revealing the three relationship flows (business/customers; business/community; and customer/community), supported by a list of actions to consider when designing relationship ecosystems (the latter, inspired by Richard Serra’s Verblist). https://www.moma.org/collection/works/152793

The graph may be familiar to you (see previous posts on relationship design), but the list will be new. I have been using it at work, but had never published it before.

Funding, crowdfunding, campaigning, transacting, subscribing, sharing, renting, integrating, embedding, collaborating, ritualizing, personalizing, customizing, co-creating, crowdsourcing, challenging…

Supporting, sponsoring, funding, fundraising, exploring, investigating, discovering, studying, advocating, informing, propagating,
acting, organizing, leading, influencing…

Storytelling, visualizing, virtualizing, entertaining, eventing, infographing, gamifying, publishing, hosting, experimenting, programming, staging…


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