diego kolsky

S / M / L / XL

Proven design lead for teams working on innovations, profound transformations and high-impact initiatives for massive corporations and bold startups.


Applies principles and methods of design to solve business and human needs, from insights to brief, design to production, implementation to optimization.

B2B / B2C / DTC / FCG

Brings deep experience across sectors and industries. From airlines to banks and cannabis, through retail, lifestyle, hospitality and destinations.

XP / UX / UI / ID / 3D




Transformation calls for ideas that combine the visual, verbal and behavioral to provide direction, connect people and spark action.

I have a recognized ability to distill strategies and stories into cultural platforms that transform businesses and shape cultures. What unites sperm donors and wannabe moms? “Give Life”. What makes an irreverent airline unique? “Make travel a trip”. How do you help the largest toy manufacturer grow into the 21st century? “Play On”. Why do people visit Denmark? “Happiness Happens”.


I’m the rare designer and creative that can build clarity and emotion around purpose. I help global corporations transform their business internally and externally, through technology and communications. I help startups create and launch entirely new offerings.

I understand the language of business and the inner workings of many industries, including technology, travel and tourism, financial services, food and beverage, entertainment, hospitality, not-for-profit, petroleum, technology and telecommunications.


I integrate design and technology to create products, applications, branded content, and places.

I bring deep experience building digital ecosystems, brands, products and services, retail environments, aircraft interiors, digital campaigns and more. Such as? A digital culture hub and brand management platform, a brand strategy and visual identity for the country of Mexico, a cabin interior and full-flat seat for the Boeing 787, and a short documentary on fire dynamics featuring the FDNY.

Collaborative leader

I honed my instinct and evolved my collaboration skills while collaborating with the brightest people on iconic and challenging projects, an experience that helped me refine my method to deliver a singular and collaborative creative perspective.

I lead large creative teams on massive programs, and also run lean internal teams on focused projects. I developed creative capabilities and methodologies, such as the brand experience discipline for Futurebrand, Brand Intimacy for MBLM and Relationship Design for my independent practice.

I pay it forward by teaching, mentoring startups, and lecturing at schools and conferences.

Optimistic creative

As a creative, either you flourish in change or you wilt.

My career started in brand identity, and expanded into UX/UI, innovation, content creation, and service design because I understand our clients’ needs keep evolving.

Change is what makes me creative, happy and hopeful. Every new challenge is a chance to keep growing, and keep in touch with the world.

Underwriters Laboratories

Transformation program

Brand identity
Visual design
Brand management
Content strategy
B2B/B2C campaigns
Executive oversight


Transformation program

Brand strategy
Brand architecture
Retail strategy
Brand identity
Touchpoint systems
Executive oversight


Digital channel strategy

Brand strategy
Brand architecture
Portfolio alignment
Digital content strategy
Visual design


Category innovation

Opportunity definition
Product ideation and development
Brand identity
Packaging and retail systems
Digital marketing
Executive oversight