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Meaningful change requires the collaboration of business, customer, and community.


As a goal, engagement is onerous and only resonates partially.

Culture shifts opened new opportunities to allocate resources and positively impact people’s lives. Functional integration, customization, co-creation, crowdsourcing, and more connect on purpose and create relevance in people’s lives.


Design businesses that include customers, communities, and society as active participants in meaningful transformations.

It’s time to rethink what we are designing and building, with relationship at the core:

reputation –> behavior
experience –> culture
customers –> participants


There is evidence of inclusive practices in every business aspect by some of today’s best-performing businesses. These companies are constantly applying inclusivity to everything they do:


Perhaps the golden standard in inclusivity, visible from its business model, platform design, and commitment to its community and the cities where it operates. It’s hard to find a line separating the company from the market and participants (isn’t that the whole point?)

On Running / Cyclon

A powerful reminder that transformation depends on connecting purpose, business model,  product design, and communications. On Running shows that a ‘traditional’ retail brand can continue to thrive while transforming into a circular business model and focusing on participation.


There are several reasons to consider Patagonia as a case study for inclusivity. However, the company truly stands apart is in connecting with communities around purpose. A true leader in sustainability, the company grew from a sponsor’s position to authentic leadership, helping people organize and take concrete action.

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The Purpose Hopscotch

“It is not ‘woke.’ It is capitalism.”

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Systems x Purpose

If you scroll down your feed, I bet you’ll find that purpose and system appear more frequently than most other terms. They are both embedded in our business lingo for a reason.

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crisis –> change –> design –> transform

Part 3: Life impact→ changed bonds→ new connectivity→ systems

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