Diego kolsky

relationship as focus.

Design as method.

creativity as fuel.

I design relationship systems that create value and transform markets, businesses, and their customers.


Business models, products, experiences and content designed to create  partnerships between companies, customers and communities.


Only businesses that include the customer and their communities can innovate forward and change the world. Relationships are the key to developing and nourishing bonds, generating measurable impact and, ultimately, drive  growth.


Building inclusivity into every aspect of the business relationship, among enterprise, customer and community. Design is the most efficient method readily understanding, mapping and developing interdependencies between these three players, in every aspect of a business.



Growth requires transformative ideas, and I have a recognized ability to distill strategies and stories into verbal and visual concepts that transform businesses and shape cultures. ‍

What unites sperm donors and wannabe moms? “Give Life”. What makes an irreverent airline unique? “Make travel a trip”. How do you help the largest toy manufacturer grow into the 21st century? “Play On”. Why do people visit Denmark? “Happiness Happens”.

Business fluent

I’m the rare creative that can build clarity and emotion around purpose. I helped global corporations transform their business internally and externally, through brand. I also helped startups create and launch entirely new offerings.

I understand the language of business and the particulars of many industries, including travel and tourism, banking, food and beverage, entertainment, hospitality, industrials, insurance, not-for-profit, petroleum, technology and telecommunications.


I integrate art, design and technology to create brands, content, digital and physical environments.

I created brand identities, digital environments, products, packaging systems, retail environments, aircraft interiors, gas stations, campaigns and more. Such as? A brand strategy and identity for Mexico, a cabin interior and full-flat seat for the Boeing 787, and a short documentary on fire dynamics featuring the FDNY.

Collaborative leader

Collaborating with the brightest people on iconic and challenging projects honed my instinct and collaboration skills, and allows me to refine my ideas into a singular perspective.

I lead large agency teams on massive programs, and also run lean teams on focused projects. I developed a brand experience practice for a global agency, and articulated my personal working method into a working methodology, Relationship Design.

I pay it forward by teaching, mentoring startups, and  lecturing at schools and conferences.

Optimistic creative

As a creative, either you flourish in change or you wilt.

My career started in brand identity, and expanded into experience, content, innovation and relationship design because I recognize the our clients' needs keep changing.

Change is what makes me creative, happy and hopeful. Every new challenge is a chance to keep growing, and keep in touch with the world.


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Diego Kolsky

January 2016—Present


Partner and Creative Director

Led creative development of products and services for a startups, from opportunity definition to product ideation, brand creation and launch.

Led recruiting and mentoring of brand and activation designers and artists from a range of disciplines, from digital and product design to identity, retail environments and more.

Led intellectual property and new business development for the company.

Joined a former colleague and friend to lead design for Velo, a NYC branding and innovation agency.

As partner, Diego leads assignments for startup businesses and leading corporations across sectors, from insurance to cannabis and hospitality.Clients while at Velo include Subway, Project Yosemite, Delta Dental, Kreuther HandcraftedChocolate, GreenSlate and Sugarloaf, a Brazilian hospitality consortium.

June 2010—January 2016

Partner and Creative Director

MBLM, New York

Led recruiting and mentorship efforts for a studio that grew from 1 to 14 employees in less than two years.

Led development on all key accounts, across a range of assignments, from strategy to identity, environments, digital channels, motion and content campaigns.

Led creative development for new business efforts, helping secure multi-year engagements with MCX (a ‘consortium’ of retailers created specifically to enter the mobile payments arena) and AB (a global asset management firm).

Co-created the 2013 Brand Intimacy Study, which defined a new marketing paradigm impacting brands today and offers a new approach for building more intimate connections between people and brands.

Joined a team of seasoned executives (and former colleagues) to found MBLM in NYC, a branding agency dedicated to connecting technology and brand as two forces for creating higher intimacy between businesses and people.

Over the course of the first three years of the company’s existence, he was charged with developing the company’s studio, a multidisciplinary team of 14 designers, digital designers and motion artists. He also co-developed the first Brand Intimacy study and personally led creative development for key accounts and new business initiatives.

Clients while at MBLM include MCX/Currentc, LAN Airlines, UL, First Data, Old Seaport NewYork, PJT Partners, AB, VisitDenmark, European Sperm Bank and Mexichem.

April 2006—May 2010

Brandfields, New York

Founder and Principal

Developed a proprietary methodology to align the brand and activation initiatives and facilitate a fluid collaboration across disciplines, media and resources.

Conducted extensive research and writing on the changing role brand plays with businesses,destinations and communities.

Commissioned by R/GA to lead branding initiatives for Hasbro, SC Johnson/Right@Homeand Nike Ballers Network.

Led a comprehensive, two-year digital and brand initiative for The Standard, a $4 bn integrated financial services group.

Brandfields was a niche, cross-disciplinary team created specifically to play a central role in integrating marketing and communications efforts for corporations, destinations and communities.

Personally developed the group’s methodology and led the firm's projects, as well as a research program dedicated to explore the role brands play in the midst of profound social and technological transformations.

Over its four years in business, Brandfields created brand and activation programs for TheStandard Insurance, The City of Portland, GE Money and NICWA (National Indian ChildrenWelfare Agency).

Initially, the team played a central role on branding engagements for Hasbro, Nike and SC Johnson in partnership with R/GA.

April 1994 — April 2006

FutureBrand, New York

Executive Director

Co-developed FutureBrand’s Brand Experience discipline (integrating strategy, design and technology capabilities into a single methodology).

Led creative development for clients in the Americas and the Middle East, and was the creative lead on landmark brand programs in the US and Canada, including UPS, ConocoPhillips and Air Canada.

Responsible for leading large accounts in the Latin American region, including Mexico’s tourism brand, LAN, Juan Valdez, Cantv and BCP.

Helped develop and coordinate creative developments with FutureBrand’s local offices in Buenos Aires, Caracas, Mexico City and São Paulo.

Upon graduation, joined DiefenbachElkins (now FutureBrand) to manage comprehensive brand initiatives for regional and global corporations.

While the company was in its formative years,Diego managed programs for clients including AeroMexico, Banco de Crédito Argentino, BancoSantander, Eg3/Repsol, Malaysia Airlines, Naluri Holdings, and Telefónica.In 1999 his role expanded to include the coordination of creative development between the office in NYC and a network of 5 new offices in Latin America.

Clients continued to range from service and industrial corporations to destinations and retail environments, and included AirCanada, Banco Itaú, Banco de Crédito BCP, Cantv, Chock full’o Nuts, Grupo Cisneros, ConocoPhillips, Juan Valdez, LAN Airlines, Mexico Tourism Board, Musicland, Rubbermaid, UPSand Virgin America.

In 2004 he was charged with co-creating FutureBrand’s brand experience discipline, which integrated strategy, design and technology capabilities under a single methodology. He led a team of print, motion and digital designers, copywriters, producers and CG artists distributed across NYC, Toronto and Dubai for clients like Air Canada, Arcapita, Ayla Jordan, Bahrain Bay,Dubai Aerospace Enterprise, and Nakheel.