changed values


new relevance

changed behaviors


new cultures

changed bonds


new systems

Design can serve as a platform for integrating disciplines and shaping outcomes.

Yet a big part of the creative industry is struggling to offer a lean and client-centric model that tales advantage of current design strategies.

There is a another way.


I worked with with Velo to create, incubate and build OLO, a cannabis product brand for the California market. See the work we did for product ideation and development, and read about my learnings on working on cannabiz.

All products come with a story. Some happen to be rich and textured with human experience, others not so much. Intoto is an e-commerce brand that is working to create a deeper connection between people and products, by getting out of the way. Take a closer look.


crisis –> change –> design –> transform

Part 3: Life impact→ changed bonds→ new connectivity→ systems

crisis –> change –> design –> transform

Part 2: Market impact→ changed behaviors→ relationships→ cultures

crisis –> change –> design –> transform

Part 1: Societal impact→ changed values scale→ new relevance→ us

learning from Mingei

Why do we value some objects more than others?

how did we get here?

”We knew younger consumers on social media were the No. 1 group drinking wine, but they couldn’t cite a brand.”

and even more

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