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Innovation • Branding • Packaging • Digital Marketing

transformation by design

I lead custom design programs for companies and organizations looking to transform their business and change the world.

smart fertility
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inclusive commerce
cannabis innovation

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More teams and fewer mills.

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relationship design

Why ‘inclusivity’ is changing the world.

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Gabriel Kreuther

Branding • Packaging System • Product Design


I apply cross-disciplinary experience and proven creative leadership skills to solving far-reaching business and team challenges.


I lead interdisciplinary teams on complex, transformative initiatives, from the initial idea all the way down to development and launch.

Design Systems
Product & Service Design


I plan, develop and lead design workshops, in-house team challenges and internal training programs.

Team Development
design Workshops


I mentor startups and consult with executives. I research and write on the evolution of design and branding, and teach graduate design students at Pratt.

situation assessment
speaking and lectures

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